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Welcome to our,
Practice Set Up Resource

Starting an
Independent Dental Hygiene Practice

can be empowering and fulfilling.

And knowing there is an organization within reach to help support and advocate for your business and profession is key!

Here are 10 steps you wont want to miss when opening a practice!

  1. Market Research

    • ​Know your demographic​

    • Know your competition 

    • Know your average family income and population

    • Know local bylaws or permits you may need

  2. Decide Sole Proprietor or Incorporated

    • Get your business registered through federal, provincial and municipal entities where required​

    • If incorporation is your route, ensure you read and re-read CDHO requirements. Ideally you want to incorporate around March where possible as this is when the CDHO approval for Corporations renews! 

    • Once you have reached this step and have your Corp # or Business # You are eligible to become a member of the DHPO!

  3. Select your Brand

    • Trade name/Practice Name​

    • Logo

    • Colour Scheme

    • Mission Statement

  4. Business Plan

    • What are your expectations for your business over a short term and long term timeline​

    • Members have access to Business planning and growth templates and resources!

  5. Financial Plan

    • Speak with Financial Advisors about how to set up your business finances and banking.​

    • Look ingo loans or financing options available to you.

    • Speak with an accountant to discuss your book keeping requirements and expectations.

    • Members have access to Financial planning and growth templates and resources!

  6. Marketing Plan​

    • Using your market research, find the best outreach to get your business the visual boost it needs to get potential leads.​

    • Website set up, Social Media Set up

    • Google and other search engine set ups.

    • Members have access to Marketing strategies, discounts and resources!

  7. Location 

    • work on lease agreements, mobile  contracts.​

    • inquire about renovations and construction wait times. (construction can easily go behind schedule so plan ahead!)

  8. Manuals and Logs

    • Health and Safety, IPAC and Employment Manuals all need to completed PRIOR to doors opening (or wheels in motion!). This project from scratch can take A LONG time and is very hard to play catch up with after you've begun filling your schedule!​

    • Members have access to HS and IPAC checklists, templates and resources!

  9. Ordering

    • As this is truly the most fun it can also end up costing you a lot in expired product down the road. Rule of thumb; Do not get hung up on the buy 3+1 free deals if you will not likely use it within 6 months! Some incoming expiry dates are faster then expected!​

    • split your lists into NEED vs want to ensure your budget is spend on what the practice needs to run to generate income for the want list!

    • Price shop! there are a lot of companies out there and most of the big names cater to bulk ordering. In independent practice this is not as simple. Find a company that values the smaller business and that provides excellent service!

    • Members have access to Ordering Discounts and group bundle opportunities!

  10. Insurance Set up and Software

    • We don't know any dental hygienists that would prefer mailing in claim forms! especially if they were to get rejected along the way for not being set up properly!​

    • SUPER IMPORTANT to have your CDHA- Unique ID number set up and your office number set up before you open your doors. But it doesn't end there!

    • With your ID and Office number you need to start applying to all the insurance companies to become a provider. Unfortunately there is a long list that you have to go through. Once you have been approved... you need to go around and set up each of them that allows it Direct deposit so you get paid faster!

    • Choose a Software company that has EDI!

    • you can get a lot of free Demos from software companies that can walk you through their program and discuss optimal features!

    • Members have access to Discounts on dental software programs!

Ready To Dive In!

DHPO is here to support you

To become a member all you need is....Drum roll please

Your Business Registration Number, Practice Name

and a plan!

Join our community of Inspiring Independent Business Owners and share in the wealth of knowledge our group has to offer!

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