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The Dental Hygiene Practitioners of Ontario was founded in 2008 by Independent Registered Dental Hygienists seeking to network and gain support from other IRDH business owners. They had a vision that one day everyone in Ontario would have the opportunity to choose where they access their dental hygiene care. 


The primary purpose was to support RDH's that are venturing out into the world of independent practice through advocacy and networking opportunities. It has since grown to be a unique group of RDHs whose purpose is to advance the profession through collaboration and supporting the growth of Independence in Ontario. The DHPO has also become a recognized presence at CDHO council meetings offering IRDHs an opportunity to have a stronger collective voice for change. 

As a non-profit association the DHPO exists to support the growth of Independent Dental Hygiene Practices in Ontario by empowering its members through networking and education both virtually and face-to-face. 

The DHPO works to create a network for IRDH business owners to come together to provide support and promote one another as well as advance the common interests of its members.

Proudly the first and only association in the province that is dedicated exclusively to the advancement of the business of Independent Registered Dental Hygiene. 


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