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We are excited to announce that we are launching a member login section on our website, providing our members with even more relevant business content and resources.


Full Access to all the Member exclusive pages! One you are a DHPO Member we will send you your log in details, then sign in and click away to all the members exclusive content!

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DHPO membership is exclusive to Independent Registered Dental Hygienists that own a business in Ontario

The DHPO are dedicated to creating a safe space for independent dental hygiene practitioners to collaborate, flourish and advance their businesses as well as the profession.

Because the DHPO is exclusive for business owners, all new members must complete an application form prior to joining. Please use the link below.

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By joining the DHPO you are supporting the profession by helping to advance Independent throughout the province. The DHPO is the only association exclusively for Registered Dental Hygienists that own a business in Ontario. Your membership provides resources to continue to offer a platform where IRDH’s can come together in a safe space to share ideas, as well as offer and gain support from others.

Your membership also allows us to host an annual conference. The DHPO conference is a unique opportunity to learn and network with like-minded RDH’s.

Your membership includes:

  • Unlimited networking with independents

  • Professional credibility

  • Collective advocacy

  • Special purchasing discounts

  • Business Listing on our website

  • Members only forum (FB) & continuing education

  • Bio & practice feature on social media

  • Exclusive newsletters

  • Guest blogging opportunities

  • Annual conference with guests specific to IRDH's

  • Additional Q&A meetings

  • Member pricing for conference. 

  • Members only learning sessions from business and product leaders

  • And so much more!

2023 Events

DHPO strives to provide its members with current educational material to help boost your business and better your knowledge bank. We have a wide range of speakers and lots of member 1 on 1 QNA time to help take your business to the next level! take a look at what 2023 has in store for you and make sure  to join our private Facebook group for all the access to our upcoming events!

Thurs Jan 19th 7:00pm

Anna Kajda will be joining us to discuss products and services that Curion specific to the RDH's needs.

Join us to learn what's new with Curion Dental

Curion (formerly, Bisco Canada) as a curator of innovative, high-quality products for dental professionals, offering extra-mile customer experience and expert-driven education. With cutting-edge, exclusive brands like LM-Dental™ we upskill your business to provide the very best your profession has to offer.

Wed Sept 20th 7:00pm

Join us to have an open discussion with Joe Siegfried RDH to learn more about what to look for during an assessment and where to refer.

This introduction to Sleep for the RDH will help you:

- Understand good sleep hygiene
- Learn the signs & symptom
s that contribute to poor sleep
- Learn how to screen for SBD and refer for a sleep study
- Learn to understand a sleep study report
- Learn the treatment options to help treat sleep breathing disorders

Wed Nov 15th 7:00pm

You wont want to miss a Live Discussion with Dr. Mandeep Johal D.D.S. on, 

What is Functional Dentistry?


Tune in live as she explains what this looks like for your patients and practice. Dr Johal is a  experienced dentist located in Guelph, ON, who has a lot of  knowledge to share about the future of dentistry!


Identifying your clients needs beyond gingivitis and perio and looking further into the functional side of the puzzle.


Tues Dec 5th 7:00pm

Optimize your practice with Recall Max

Live discussion with Rita Baumgaertner RDH


Join us for a thorough chat that will cover the following:

  • Reducing admin time/bridging the gap of not having admin

  • Growing the patient base through reputation management

  • How to overcome marketing challenges without breaking the bank

  • Ease of scheduling for patients

  • How patient engagement systems like RecallMax can integrate seamlessly

Thurs Feb 2nd 7:00pm


We all know how important a thorough oral cancer screening is but many of us are not confident in relaying what we see to the client or where to refer.


Join us to have an open discussion with Julie DiNardo RDH of Gleam Smile Centre about what tools are helpful, how to have a discussion with your client and who and when to refer.

Julie is an IRDH in Hamilton. She is an educator and public speaker for the advocacy of oral cancer screening and the betterment of oral to overall health. She also has personal experience with the importance of early oral cancer detection.

Wed Oct 4th 7:00pm


Members chat with Christine Crawford RDH, B. Sc., M. Ed, discussing all your burning perio questions on the "New" AAP staging and grading.

Christine is an experienced clinician and educator. She is knowledgeable in many aspects of dental hygiene, including periodontology, AdPIE process of care, dental radiography, and orthodontics, with interests specifically in obstructed airways and functional occlusion.

Tues Nov 21st 7:00pm

Chat Money with Meri-Li

Get ready to Elevate Your Finances Through Healthy Money Habits


Join us for a thorough chat that will cover the following:
-It's not you...understanding the complexities of money and how you can navigate your finances more effectively
-The common money pitfalls of entrepreneurs
How to create a money routine destined for success
-Boosting your financial future with healthy money habits

One on One - QnA 


Jan 18th 7:00pm

July 20th 7:00pm

Oct 19th 7:00pm

Join your IRDH peers in on the spot brainstorming and open discussions about business and dental hygiene questions. This can include burning questions about EDI, IPAC, Marketing Strategies, Ethical Dilemmas in the workplace, Hiring and Firing staff and so much more!

Bring your questions to the table and get working on solutions right away with peers who want to see you suceed!

More events  to come!

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