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A Message from your Board

As business owners ourselves, we understand that becoming a member of an association is a big decision. We are grateful that you have decided to put your faith into the DHPO. 

Your Board of Directors work tirelessly to ensure each year is better than the last. We host an annual in-person conference focused on independent hygiene practice needs and support.  Throughout the year the board works on advocacy for the profession and ensuring our members have access to practice specific education and professional growth.

This membership year we are reaching out to the CDHA and ODHA in the hopes of developing a working relationship to help IRDH initiatives. We are excited about this potential partnership as there is power in numbers and we want to represent you, the Independent, in any decisions or changes that affect the profession. 

We will continue to keep you informed about any progress that is made and look forward to what this year holds. 

Thank you again, 

Your Board of Directors

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We look forward to engaging with you.

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